Love Horses? Love Freedom?

The Flag Foundation has created a beautiful and nourishing retreat center in northern California where horses naturally in a herd. Folks come from all over the world to observe, immerse and learn from this herd, often returning to their lives refreshed, renewed, and with an education and experience of respectful interaction with horses.

When I found Flag Foundation, I knew I was home. They offer amazing care to the 28 plus horses who are fortunate enough to roam free with the herd. Here, horses live with dignity, some not so fortunate before finding their way to Flag Ranch. The Flag Foundation reminds us that all creatures have a right to live in harmony on the earth, unencumbered by the ignorance of man.



The latest addition? Little Piggy Porkchop Not (he'll never be eaten). September 10, 2015 the stewards of the ranch found him walking down the middle of the road, abandoned. "Chop chop" still had his umbilical cord attached. They took him in nursed him along and he now weighs a whopping 200 lbs of love, and is the official greeter at the ranch.

The Flag Foundation welcomes donations to help feed and care for the herd. All gifts are 100% tax-deductible and can be designated for unrestricted or specific use. The Flag Foundation gratefully accept cash, checks, credit cards, securities and bequests in one-time, annual, monthly or quarterly installments. 

You can find me there often, observing, and with no agenda. I go there to give, but end up receiving far more in return.


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