Squarespace vs Wordpress

Website management made easy with Squarespace

Clients often approach me for a website redesign. They have been struggling with a Wordpress template and need something easy and intuitive for them to manage themselves. Below is a brief comparison.


Squarespace is accountable to every aspect of their templates.  Plugins, functions and visitor elements of their templates are closely controlled, watched over, and tested by Squarespace professionals. 

All plugin are free as part of the hosting package. Squarespace maintains them so you don't have to.

Have a question about your site? Squarespace has award winning tech support available via chat or email. Response is within 24 hours, and usually faster. Tech support is included as part of your hosting pacjage.

When working ion the backend of Squarespace  - what you see is what you get. Simple, intuitive, visuals make editing your site, adding to your blog and posting to social media a snap.

Squarespace keeps all templates up to date, no modules to download to update.

Security is king with Squarespace.


WordPress is an open source platform and the codes are open to everyone to use and customize. There are no controls or monitoring of codes. The quality of engineering of the modules can be inconsistent.

There are thousands of WordPress plugins available for free or for purchase. Regular updates are needed, and sometimes they just do not work properly.

Have a questions about a Wordpress issue? You can spend hours searching the web for answers by Wordpress Geeks, or the plugin developer, but no one is obligated to help with the free plugins, Also - it can be daunting problem solving when you have multiple plugins installed.

You may need to resort to paying a Wordpress person for help.

Security is iffy as Wordpress is an open source program, hacking is possible.

It is estimated that Squarespace signs up about 1,000 new customers a day.

If you want a website that is easy to manage, modern and trouble free, Squarespace is for you.

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