Branding & Rebranding for Large and Small Business

We use words and pictures to define your business entity to attract your target market. The success of a company relies upon consistent visual branding cross platform: print ads, website design, social media, and ad campaigns. With strong creatives, a core foundation insures continuity of a company face, message or look (brand). 

Qualities of a Strong Visual Brand

Your company’s visual identity is a first core message a company presents to the world. A thoughtful and progressive designer who understands the necessity and benefits of a clear and powerful brand, can make your company identity stand out in a crowd. Strategy is born and manifested into visual form to support your business growth. A powerful brand with a strong identity will present as:

  • simple

  • distinct

  • memorable

  • timeless

  • effective, readable, recognizable

  • consistent color within print, web and signage: cmyk / rgb / paint & vinyl

  • equally effective black and white or grayscale version

  • versatile, applicable and keep continuity within a variety of different mediums:

    • website

    • social media

    • print

    • signs

    • icons

    • avatars

    • favicons

    • letterhead & business cards

    • display advertising

    • copy messaging


A rebrand is becomes essential when a company already has popularity in the marketplace and needs a refresh in look and style to adapt the new advertising sources such as social media, or websites that size for hand held devices. Design Orbit has been honored to be instrumental in rebranding the following companies: