About Buffie Francisco


She’s a down home gal from Kentucky who found her true self in California. Don’t be surprised to hear her use “finer than a frog's hair” and “meditation” in the same sentence.

Buffie has the professional eye of a refined artist and the ear of a detective. She listens to her clients – really listens – and conveys what she hears into accessible visuals that vibrantly communicate.

Buffie Francisco Owner Design Orbit

Buffie Francisco
Owner Design Orbit

She also has the mind of a savvy businessperson and the heart of a tree hugger. She believes that businesses, like children, take on a life of their own. “With proper nurturing and care, that which is unique within a business will grow and prosper.”

She is able to bring out and celebrate the unique – for every single client. Buffie can help you figure out what makes your business different from all the others, and manifest it in a way that attracts your target market.

Buffie is a Feng Shui practitioner who understands that the creative process can include a little chaos. The route to a great website or logo isn’t always straight, and never narrow. It’s all about being open to the process.

She knows that the secret to doing well is doing good. Buffie runs her thriving business in the heart of Redding, CA. She helps other mindful businesses succeed worldwide.

She creates award-winning work without charging jaw-dropping prices. Buffie was awarded the Potlatch Award of Excellence, as well as the Communicator Award of Distinction. You wouldn’t know it by her fees.

Buffie has 33 years of experience – and she treats each project as if it were her first. She’s busy. But she’ll never rush you. Her specialties include:

Website design, production and management. Online advertising banners and email advertisements. Logo design. Graphic design for printed pieces. Signs, interior decorating (new office or remodel) photography Feng Shui for business environments. Business continuity (branding) consulting and implementation

She’s active in the community:

Buffie makes all the time in the world for her clients. She’d love to talk with you about any of your logo & branding, your upcoming website, or your graphic design needs for printed pieces or advertising.