Feng Shui in Business

Feng Shui means "wind and water."  Wind and water flow according to natures rules, as does energy. In an effort to help our lives be in accordance with the laws of nature, we use Feng Shui to heighten our awareness and promote positive change.

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Create Your Intentions for a New Year or New Project

The Bagua above is a geometric metaphor representing vital aspects operating in your personal and/or business life. It can also be a map for an art board.  Feel free to print out the Feng Shui worksheet for assistance.

On the Feng Shui worksheet list a few things you intend for the coming year that correspond to each related areas. Collect objects, photos, words or pictures from magazines for your art board and glue them into these areas of intention in collage fashion. Place your Feng Shui board in an area where you see it daily. Attention to these areas insure the balance necessary to invite health and abundance to your field of existence.  There is nothing mystical or magical about Feng Shui, it merely follows a timeless wisdom - Energy Follows Thought.

Feng Shui Your interior Space

Using the Bagua with a birds eye view orientation over you house floor plan will help you see which rooms correspond to respective areas. The front or main entry door will always be in one of the three bottom locations: knowledge, career or benefactors. Place objects that represent health and abundance to you, in areas you want to expand and bring light. Here are a few commonly used Feng Shui "cures"

Fountain: Healthy fluidity and movement prevent stagnation.Healthy plant: New leaves represent growth - growing your currency.Something rich and purple: Purple is the universal color for abundance. Think King. Think Queen.Mirror: Your relationship with yourself comes first. Mirrors can either double your intentions or deflect negative energy.

Clear Your Clutter

Clutter keeps energy from moving, it prevents clarity of sight. Clutter welcomes stagnation, which is the spawn of the devil in the Feng Shui world. Effective Feng Shui doesn't stand a chance until the clutter is cleared. Here is a hard and fast rule of thumb: If you don't absolutely love it or need it, pass it on. If it doesn't lift your energy when you look at it, pass it on. Passing it on is a sustainable action. Your objects can find themselves in the hands of someone who loves them. Below are a few ideas to help you along:

  • Have a yard sale.
  • Sell items on Craigslist.com or Ebay.
  • Take old books and clothing to your local Good Will - a tax write off.
  • Call the salvation army for a pick-up.
  • Pass along family mementos (the ones you really don't like, but have been too polite to get rid of) to someone else who will appreciate them

If you don't love it loose it.

There is a lot more to it, but this is Feng Shui in a nutshell. Design Orbit offers Feng Shui office consultations. Design Orbit uses Feng Shui principles when creating logo design, printed pieces and website design. Questions? Need help with an upcoming project? Contact Design Orbit.


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