Logo Design for Corporate, National and Small Business

Design Obit offers qualified, forward thinking logo design for over 30 years, Your company’s visual identity as expressed in the logo is a first core message a company presents to the world. Your logo serves as a beacon of light attracting your target market.

Qualities of a powerful logo design:

  • simple
  • distinct
  • memorable
  • timeless
  • is effective, readable, recognizable, and looks good any size
  • has consistent color within print, web and signage: cmyk / rgb / paint & vinyl
  • has an equally effective black and white or grayscale version
  • versatile and applicable to a variety of different mediums:
    • website
    • social media
    • print
    • signs
    • icons
    • avatars
    • favicons
    • letterhead & business cards
    • display advertising

Your logo serves as a beacon of light to attract your target market. It is the heart of your brand. A picture says a thousand words. Design Orbit will work with you to come up with a compelling logo design best suited for the success of your business. 

Logo Samples

Designs are Ⓒ by the business owners. Reproduction without permission is punishable by law.


Use your logo design with powerful graphics.

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