Design Orbit creates websites that are search engine friendly according to Google's recommendations. 

SEO / Search Engine Optimization

You hear plenty about it. You receive emails often (from everyone and all countries) offering to optimize your site. What does SEO mean? It means having a website that contains key word rich content and meta tags (read below for an explanation of meta tags).

Qualities of Friendly SEO

Ask yourself - what would my ideal client type into the search bar to find my service or product? These words should be used in your website's content and meta tags.

Prepare content for your new website:

Write 50 phrases that folks might type into the search box to find your website. Use words from these phrases to create content for the related pages. Use words from these phrases to create meta tags. Consider each page as a separate point of interest, or I like to think of each page as a separate facet of your business gem.

Google Trends offers a helpful tool to explore which phrases are hot in your business.

About Meta Tags

Title Bar:
The title bar is the text displayed in the title bar of a web browser when visitors view a page. This meta tag may also be used as the title of the page when a visitor bookmarks or favorites this page. Title bars work best when they are 10 to 64 characters including spaces. Viewer can see the title bar.

The description is a brief and concise summary of the page's content. The description meta tag may be used by search engines to display a snippet about the page in search results. The length of a displayed description varies per search engine. Place the most important keywords at the beginning of the first sentence and this will guarantee that both searches and search engines will see the most important information about your that page. Google displays approximately 154 characters, other search engines less. Viewer can see the description when it registers as a snippet on a search page. The description works best if it is 50-149 characters or less.

Keywords are a gathering of words that best target your business. Keywords should appear at least once in your content. Due to abuse, this meta tag is not used by most search engines. The keyword tag works best if it is minimum or 4 and maximum of 8 keywords or key phrases and separated by comma (,). Viewer cannot see the key words. 65 characters is ideal for key words.

SEO is Big Business

There are folks out there that do aggressive SEO and SEO alone. The life of an aggressive SEO professional parallels the life of a stock market broker. Trends change by the day. Design Orbit does not provide aggressive SEO. We do create great websites that can serve as a marketing tool for your business and that you can manage yourself. You can control your content and meta tags and make daily changes as the spirit moves you. Websites are greatly supported with email blasts, display ads and other forms of advertising, that drive folks to the site.

With your help, we do our best to create sites are friendly to internet browser searches. Along with creating the site, we also create a site map and submit your site to Google.

Need and expert SEO person? Just ask, we have recommendations.