Social Media

Social Media
The term social media refers to interactions among people as they create, share, exchange comments and content among themselves online. Communication is instant upon posting, and is automatically shared. Our websites blogs automatically post to your social media accounts.

Uses For Social Media
Connecting with kindred spirits can increase your business prospects. You can promote your business online doing the following:

Set up promotions and offer special deals.Offer Q & A sessions feature a member of the month - advertising and supporting their business. Sell services with box ads. Constantly keep on the hearts and minds of your connected target market

Questions To consider
What do you hope to gain using social media for your business? What are the demographics of your ideal prospects? What are the wants, needs and challenges of the folks who sign up with you? What reaction do you want from your audience? What do you want them to experience when seeing your company on Facebook, Linked In, Google and Twitter?